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UYR  ( a subsidiary of The Copy Writer Shop, Inc.) was created in January of 1995, by a group of writers with Public and Private Industry experience at the:


·         CEO level 

·         Top/Administrative level 

·         Middle Level/Executory level and the 

·         First Level/Supervisory/Operative/First-Line


In the following industries:


·         Information Technology 

·         Human Resources 

·         Finance and Accounting 

·         Marketing 

·         Manufacturing 

·         Engineering 

·         Project Management 

·         Operations 

·         Facilities Management 

·         Mortgage Lending


We have created thousands of job winning resumes, cover letters, cold call letters, executive bios/profiles and more recently, social network profiles.  


UYR’s hand-picked team of writers also provides timely Escalation Writing for several Job Boards whose clients have not been satisfied with the original work provided.  


Many writers lack the "real life" industry experience necessary to learn whether you have the skills that your prospective Hiring Manager may be looking for. When you order your Resume from UYR, we will call you. We will learn about you. Yes, we want information about your former and current employer(s), but we are more interested in how:


·         You saved them money.   

·         Made them money.   

·         Made them bigger.   

·         Made them better, and most important,   

·         How you have grown through the process. 


Try our service. We will work hard for you. Guaranteed! 


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"This is my thank you letter to you. I’ve never written a thank you letter before... I’m very grateful for all your help.  I’m glad that I’ve pushed that “submit” button and initiated that order process.  You not only started me off on the right foot by updating my resume but you’ve coached and encouraged me throughout my job interview process.  I’ve trusted you with all my documentation needs and that trust had given me an extra strength of confidence which had allowed me to show up at the interviews witha big smile on my face.  My smile had gotten even bigger when they’d offered me the position.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The overall experience was fantastic. Thank you!! "

V.P. Ontario, Canada

 "Your vast knowledge and quick turnaround has helped me through an untenable situation by taking copious amounts of information, organizing it and producing an accomplishments driven document that produced an interview within 10 days. I remain...It has been a pleasure" 

J.H. New York City, New York

"Stunning...absolutely stunning! You have given me a renewed sense of self knowing I was cabable all along, but unable to put it in words. I was prepared to be on the defensive, but I am totally pleased and can't say enough about the final product. I will definitely refer you to all my friends and colleagues... By the way, did I say Thank you?! THANK YOU!" 

E.M. Miami, Florida